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Lewis County Modern Dairy Farm, #7328470

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Cow Capacity:850 cows
Land:620 acres
Land Desc:
Highly productive silt loam soils
Milking Facilities:
Parallel Parlor
Type of Housing:
Free Stalls
Feed Storage:
Bunker Silos
Manure Storage:Earthen Lagoon
Heifer Facilities:
House Sq Ft:2,000 sq. ft.
House Bedrooms:4 beds
House Bathrooms:1 baths
6928 State Route 26
Lowville, New York, 13367
Northeast region
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Additional Dairy Farm For Sale Information

Lewis County Modern Dairy Farm
Lowville, NY
Acreage: 610 Total 420 Tillable Highly productive silt loam soils.
Currently in production with 730 adult cows, facilities have the capacity for 850+ cows. A very efficient barn setup, with emphasis on easy transition cow and newborn calf care.

Milking Cow Freestall: 4 row Freestall with a center feed alley, 640 7.5 foot sand bed stalls and 14 foot side walls. One structure built in stages, the newest 100 stalls built in 2016. There is room to add on also. Cleaned via alley vacuum. Directly connected to Holding Area/Parlor.

Parlor: New 2016 double 10 Boumatic, rapid exit parallel parlor. Boumatic units with automatic takeoffs and milk meters. Double return alleys with cow brushes. Holding area big enough for 180 cows.

Dry and PreFresh/ Freshening Barn: 4 row freestall with 144 7.5' by 48" stalls. 3 12' X 12' pack calving pens next to a heated treatment/ fresh cow milking room with a milking unit and chute, office, medicine storage and 2 fresh calf rooms. Area with potential for sick cow pack or stalls. Cleaned via Alley Vacume. Breezeway connects barn to Milking Cow Freestall.

Calf Heifer Barn: Renovated Tie Stall houses 60 milk fed calves and 70 weaned calves in pens. 100 gallon waste milk pasteurizer sits adjacent to milking parlor and calf pens. Attached heifer barn holds 60 young stock. Hay mow above both.

Milk House: Two bulk tanks, one 1,500 gallons one 4,000 gallons. Adjacent room holds coolers, bulk teat dip, chemicals etc.

Shop/Equiptment Storage: 120 X 40 metal pole barn with an interior 30 X 40 insulated work shop with a concrete floor.

Tie- Stall Heifer Barn: One mile from main farm a 75 stall tie stall barn with a 50 heifer run-in shed adjacent to a 30 acre pasture.

Main House: Four bedroom one bath farm house, with kitchen, dinning area, living room, downstair office, covered porch and deck. In good condition ready to move in.

Employee housing: Two single wide mobile homes. Three bedrooms each with appliances in good condition.

Feed Storage: 170 X 200 concrete pad bunk with one side wall. 3 - 29 ton grain bins and 1- 3 ton bin. Two 3000 gallon molasses or liquid storage tanks.

Manure Storage: Three tiered storage lagoons holding 6.3 million gallons total. First one is concrete for unloading (600,000 gallons) gravity fed to lower clay lined earth-end settling pit with full concrete floor for clean-out of solids (2.4 million gallons), water gravity feeds to final clay lined earthen pit (3.3 million gallons). Gravity stand up fill pipe by third lagoon. Large CAFO Permit.

Agrimark Cooperative Milk Market Available.

Would sell with cattle and Machinery for 6,000,000
Livestock: Full milking herd with young stock- Mix of Holsteins and Two and Three way crosses of Montbeliarde X Swedish Red X Holstein.
Full line of equipment

Plenty of Rental Land nearby

14 Months of Forage in Storage New York Dairy Farm For Sale. Lowville New York Dairy Farm For Sale. Dairy Farm for sale in Lowville New York. - data last updated: 11/7/2017

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Contact Info for Lowville New York Dairy Farm Listing

Primary Phone:(315) 486-4430
Secondary Phone:(315) 376-7674
Best time to call:Anytime

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This dairy farm in Lowville New York, northeast region, price is $4,500,000. The Lowville New York dairy farm has a cow capacity of 850 cows, has 620 available acres and land described as highly productive silt loam soils. Milking facilities include Parallel Parlor, for this property in New York. Types of housing include Free Stalls, for this dairy farm listing. Feed storage include Bunker Silos, for this listing in the Northeast. The manure storage is Earthen Lagoon. This farm has heifer facilities. Lowville New York dairy includes a residence with 4 bedrooms 1 baths 2,000 square feet. Lewis County Modern Dairy Farm.