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Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres, #53500

Closing Price:
Closing Date:8/11/2011
Cow Capacity:300 cows
Land:408 acres
Land Desc:
Milking Facilities:
Parallel Parlor
Type of Housing:
Free Stalls
Feed Storage:
Upright Silos
Bunker Silos
Manure Storage:Concrete Pit
Heifer Facilities:
House Sq Ft:5,000 sq. ft.
House Bedrooms:5 beds
House Bathrooms:3 baths
8123 Churchill Line Rr7
Brooke-Alvinston, Ontario, Canada
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 1Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 2
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 3Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 4
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 5Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 6
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 7Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 8
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 9Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 10
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 11Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 12
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 13Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 14
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 15Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 16
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 17Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 18
Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 19Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres Photo 20
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Additional Dairy Farm For Sale Information

Excellent Farm

8123 Churchill Line RR7
Watford, Ontario Canada NOM2SO

1] The house on the place is about 28 years old 9 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.
2] A new steel roof on with a 50 year full warranty on it about 10 years ago !
3] We just redid the whole basement completely, [their is 5 big bedrooms, a washroom with shower and a very big reckroom] also a 500 sq. foot cold storage room under the car garage! [2500sqf].
4]The top floor has 4 big bedrooms a big kitchen and very big living room.[this floor is about 2500sqf]
5] So their is about 5000 square foot excellent living space.

1] The first half of the barn together with the parlor is build in 1994 and the second half in 1997[through the quality of work you can't see the difference]
2] The dairy barn has 265 freestalls with slatted floors which all been replaced and only had 2 years of cattle use on it [they are the heavy special concrete 10.000 pounds test from Sericon].
3] The barn has natural ventilation with curtains [which need to be replaced in the near future] and is heavy insulated with a vinyl ceiling!
4] Their is a double 10 extremely heavy parallel parlor in which when it lifts their is nothing on the floor [the best from the best].
5] DairyMaster double 10 swing milking parlor complete with basement for the milking equipment.
6] Under the equipment room is a 25.000 gallon water reservoir.
7] We have aerating system in place to eliminate sulfur from the water.
8] The whole barn has a full 8 feet manure storage from 4485 cubic meter[1.186.738 gallon]382x56x8
9] Their are 2 new water wells which have plenty of capacity [both are hooked up with commercial pumps and it takes only one to run the whole operation from 800 animals]
10] Their is also a AGRIVOLT stray voltage system on the farm.
11] Because the special design of the barn their is never a mix from feet and manure [important for Johnies Disease], and with one walk through the barn without coming in contact with manure all, every animal can be individual watched. [Which is a big asset].
12] A complete scraper system which runs over the alley to keep them unbelievable clean!
13] Excellent cooling fans for summertime.

1] This barn is of course connected to the milking parlor and this creates the possibility to keep the fresh cows in the straw pack for several days until the ready to go into the main barn for a problem free lactation.
2[ The dry cow barn is 80x150 [the straw pack is 40x150] then 10 feet ally [378 cubicmeter/100.000gallon manure storage] 18 feet feed ally and 12 calving stalls (12x12).
3] The barn is for dry cows, sick cows, fresh cows and close up heifers.
4] Barns are equipped with big ass to the whole operation, and was build in 1999
5] Circulation fans for summertime.
6] There is room for 132 cows and close up heifers

1] This is a fully slatted floor heifer barn and full 8 feet manure storage under the barn. {1174 cubic meters [310.000 gallon]}
2] The barn is connected to the dry cow barn which is a big asset to move the close up heifers in the dry cow barn.
3] Room for 150 heifers from 8 months to calving
4] Barn has a big ass fan in for excellent ventilation summer and winter.
5]100 by 56 feet
6] Build in 2000

1] This is a straw pack barn with 10 feet scrape alley
2] 132 by 35 feet
3] Holds comfortable 85 calf’s/heifers from 3 to 8 month.
4] Very nice facility for the young animals.
5] Build in 2001

1] Built in 2005 on the farm at the eastside of the drive shed.
2] 12 compartments witch will hold 12 groups of 12 calves
3]. Built out of solid concrete and made an excellent no problem calf raising facility.

1] This is a Bhelen all steel drive shed from 240 by 80 feet.
2] A separate workshop 40 by 68 with floor heat and a grease pit
3] On top of the calf facility is a 12 feet concrete balcony with all kinds of storage room.
5] On the east site is 5 24 feet overhead doors plus 3 man doors to go in the shed.
6] This was build in 2005

1] This is a 200 by 60 straw and hay barn
2] First half was build in 2002
3] Second half was build in 2003
4] This is a pole barn about 20 feet high

1] One 20 by 80 sealed concrete silo with new bottom Ledic unloader for high moister or dry corn.
2] Two 24 by 80 open top silo's with Jamesway Volumax silo unloaders, both unloaders emptied silo only twice.
3] They also could make a beautiful 80.000 bushel grain facility with the option of expending.
4]Build in 1994 but not heavy used

1] Their are 3 big bunker silo’s on the farm and 5 small ones[5 small]
2] 2 bunkers from 32' by 135' by 12' high and the walls go 5 feet deep in the ground.[as foundation] build in 1997.
3] One bunker from 135' by 195' which is divided in three bunkers from 45' by 145' and the their is one from 50' by 135' feed in the front[connection from the 3] holds 1000 plus acres of good corn silage build in 2004.
4] All the walls are prefab and movable.
5] Floor is minimal thickness from 12 inches of concrete and a minimal of two layers of heavy rebar.

Their is a special loading dock for feed mixer on the end of a beautiful concrete loading pad from 100' by 72' and 8" thick with heavy rebar Build in 2003

1]Their is a lot of work done on the whole farm.
2] Concrete curbs around the entering laneways
3] 2 of the main entry laneways are used cows lanes filled in with gravel
4] Yard in front of drive shed is at least 2 feet thick cured concrete with a very efficient drain system[2 big drain pits with 8" tile.
5] In front of milk house and tower silo’s all poured concrete with rebar.
6] Done through the years and very rare to find.

1] Their is 408 total acres of top quality silt loam soil.
2] 386 workable acres, has easy capacity of growing 200 plus bushel corn.
3] 8 acre permanent pasture.
4] 14 acre bush
5] 240 acre is fully tiled and 146 are tiled were needed [could more tile added if preferred but never was needed]
6] Has a lease contract on it for possibility of storing gas, which brings 15 dollars an acre and lots more if it ever gets used !

1] A new manure pit build in 2007 and is never been used.
2] The pit is 150' by 12' makes 6000 cubic meters or 1.500.000 gallon
3] The manure lagoon is fenced with heavy galvanized wire and 4 cm thick coated rebar. [last for 100 years]
4] This makes a total manure storage on the farm from over 12.000 cubic meters ore 3.174.603 Gallon Ontario Dairy Farm For Sale. Brooke-Alvinston Ontario Canada Dairy Farm For Sale. Dairy Farm for sale in Brooke-Alvinston Ontario Canada.

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This dairy farm in Brooke-Alvinston, Canada, closing price is $1,800,000. The Brooke-Alvinston dairy farm has a cow capacity of 300 cows, has 408 available acres and land described as level. Milking facilities include Parallel Parlor, for this property in . Types of housing include Free Stalls, for this dairy farm listing. Feed storage include Upright Silos, Bunker Silos, for this listing in the . The manure storage is Concrete Pit. This farm has heifer facilities. Brooke-Alvinston dairy includes a residence with 5 bedrooms 3 baths 5,000 square feet. Modern 300 Dairy Cow Dairy with 408 Acres.