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1902 Surrey Dairy Farm's separator

Mon, Apr,1902 Aberdeen Weekly News (Aberdeen, SD) Page [Four]

Indispensible on the Farm Selby, S.D., March 19, 1902 Minneapolis Cold Storage Co., Aberdeen, S.D.

The hand sperator is the only economical machine for a farmer or a dairyman in this country. It saves labor in effectually separating the cream while the milk is warm, doing away with the old process of setting milk, and has many other qualities to numerous to mention. How any man who milks eight to twelve cows can get along without one is a mystery to me. A good cow will earn $4 per month for eight months. I have had the best reults in feeding warm skim-milk, and with a little grain will thrive very easily.
Yours truly,
Geo. Smithers, Surrey Dairy Farm.