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Do Not Sell your cows.

To all dairyman.
If you are thinking about selling your dairy it is very very important that you retain your milk market. Check with your processor to see if continue to buy the milk coming off their farm if an new owner takes over. Every farm has a different situation for thinking of selling. Here are a couple of ideas.
1. If you are wanting to retire:
There are a lot of hard working, educated young people who
have all the ability to be very profitable, even in this
market, that do not have the family backing or enough equity
for a bank loan to be able to buy. Consider a lease to own
or a sweat equity arrangement.
2. If it is financial situation, consider taking on a partner or
work with your bank or have your bank give me a call. If the
cows are gone, your milk market will be gone. At this point
your dairy will be greatly reduced in value.
3. Bottom line we at would love to help you sell
your farm, but in this market without cows on the farm it will
be very difficult and time consuming.
Joe Bradley